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tv   11 News at 530PM  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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, good one!e you got a grad sunchoney today. dr. cooper is on the if you're into stay, you'll he speciet. it hu ri?aprt palethuthe rht o.wiar'tno gs, acger.drs working. yes,'m closeto a breakthrough.
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ra.y, obablyantreey? the wulths ofy. dr w.yecae th eldo ha kootpa. co? oh gh lemedrmyooieyore goi t i 'ssday. dny's ha ni
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and nadedis"?.ano waatrean?. sorry, l. ou're hoth me? okay, wellu guys he wher . ve yo fdsre efo ink m thor. logh thyo ileual n'wae anveng videmeheoe wneay t hnta noe.hewat. does a man withmy int play on weeken whatthin. al getk to i e.ttstca tonig
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y can flowhev io. :y!ny!penny! n, honey tolu,'s a smament. lyave to knoe timese, plean't haveof time.mona dozed d i ou terid t ri how, bure in meineliohi d seo n ating cuse mi teleavgth apartmeeverrn. , fi all is t maaften. na . coer? m you
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yi t tyoone.ha iornthis dn.i inerallylll ain ? n dr. yeno, 's n'y y it aemkae n,t u lo. , okai know it's hard, but he's a gift to the ole world, an'tself yehe galrigh st , . s. (dosra c.hyc l) sheldo (tapping stops)ping resumes) at are doishel or
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e caat h the wa are comm. b tca ned i t oworseod'sy ia (taps). this is (t this is c... sheldon, i'm n mse code:0inorningall t.don'meredon't iner d comin h t.h! hs) whatng o ranainon. ishgoing home? never. th problem i ouhe what are y tkingbout i'm ki thenet clause of our fdship agement. thy ies ifoueeme
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i'm invoking o body snahe cuse. e dy stchelareetoyou deysoe we kwced wi an alien d.he in eliving room.ll whe elhayogof y nurle inrivoces permu ls. noco o gola ce? unlesshedeys t.rai' gt! filly conced blk ho infoation paradoxwiththeorystringrkonde mona: 's uelievae! alring d i ulve d t yo , pleai juedlittncourant.oh, dilo
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you wante redit?uh.ou he , er dpe katho'br i st fhed ad yo pap coing e blaclefoparadox thoutheo-nwoat d jt b
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that no moi food. caiopo cbs and warner bros. televnd by cet wgbhcessg wi 4mef teetpefr ctuli,a lyur a ameime, aminamin owng mies. at, but i think hair and makeutoo far. ahat'sngi murefee homeasju-s-ihir a thg. ahmi t rplcllo.
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atoingn? hierin: h inld'sic shdoceheosdot thk . oweder the pngot maybe shs his laerllshee emi ie. wa.i owm ng i puedi ga that shod thank you for comingo. , uddy."soy m te. i'inon pje thataye phespshe. how n u e?i wasntingu all.nobody ever expects me. s yok m! howwoel a y nninus, l gh, s ss mi ts eord raje,
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wo. , w you ach ot ohhe oncne ms thy le appeound h ex mshmywin er. she ks s y,ra eene no measurable sense of humor, shelly. hotly would onease a sense a hueter? llinredelitfulro
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le universe h, dense stat 14 pan std...t! theg tco heutros garool neanrtlsop uihe wal he matencey,unlingtery sttewi ban ar becae corials faster.


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